Broad-Spectrum Ideas, Focused Approach

Who I Am

My name is Eden Schwinghamer, and I am a Toronto-based photographer born and raised on the east coast of Canada. Known for narrative portraits, medium format work, and a strong creative voice, I pride myself on a unique process and distinct image style. Working equally with Film and Digital, my unique artistic approach shines at every possible step in the creative process, yielding insightful imagery that taps into the cultural consciousness.

What I Do

Working for everyone from restaurant and fashion brands to creating fine art and gallery work, my approach to photography is expansive and steeped in artistic consideration. I create images designed to motivate, enlighten, and engage viewers with a world of well-considered, well-executed imagery.

My CV is available here and I can be reached via email at

Sound Like A Good Fit?

I can't wait to hear from you! Please reach out via this form. 

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